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7 Working Tips to Boost Windows 10 Computer/Laptop

February 19, 2018


Is your PC or laptop running slow and you want to boost your Windows fast?


If your PC is running very slow and you want to purchase a new one then stop and apply the below given tips. It will improve the performance of your PC or Laptop and make them new.

First of all let’s know what the causes of the slow Windows 10 PC are.


Hard drive: - The performance of Windows can be affected if the hard drive gets damaged. It gets corrupted due to virus or improper shutdown. The main reason for ruined hard drives is continues an unexpected switching off the power supply of the computer.


Due to virus: - If your computer is infected from virus then it can also affect the speed of your system. Because the spyware and other malware are a big reason of many computer issues which includes a slow computer.


Some other causes are:

  • Many number of installed app

  • System driver issue

  • Registry database problems

These are the some causes that affect in the performance in the speed of Windows 10.




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Here are some tips to improve the performance of Windows 10 System



7 Tips to Boost Windows 10 Computer/Laptop


Reboot the window: - At sometimes if you just reboot your PC it started working fast. Rebooting PC in regular intervals can clear up the memory consumed by the several internal tasks. Click on the start then shut down and reboot.


Upgrade ram: - To boost the performance of Windows 10 in your PC or laptop you can choose the option of upgrading the ram. If you are working on the PC that containing 2 GB RAM then by adding extra giga bytes won’t cost much and make differences.


Upgrade the software: - For better performance of windows 10 in your computer or Laptop upgrade the version of Windows software in regular intervals, upgrading can make the performance better.


Power setting: - Power saver plan of Windows 10 can slowdown your PC. It reduces your PC’s performance to save energy. Changing in your power plan from Power saver to better performance will give you an immediate performance boost.


Check if your Windows isn’t corrupt: -The operating system’s files can also get corrupted. Probably, some procedure or an app messed up things. This kind of corruption can affect Windows 10 PC speed or your system might crash. The easy way to fix ruined system files on Windows 10 is to launch the System File Checker utility or SFC. Fixing corrupted files will surely boost the Window 10 speed.


Windows Troubleshooter: - Windows Troubleshooter is a very useful and little known tool of Windows 10. It can sniff out the performance problems and solve them. You can launch it from control panel. It finds files and shortcuts that you don't use, and recognize the performance and other issues of your computer or laptop account them to you and then fix them easily.


PC Booster : - If the performance of your computer or Laptop is still very slow then you can use PC Booster software to improve the performance automatically. It is easy and safe software to use. It will remove all the junk files and boost the performance of windows 10 with the help of this tool you can also extend the life of your Windows 10 system. If your slow computer is wasting your precious time then all the above tips will help you make it faster.


That’s all, with the above discussed tips you can easily improve the performance of your Windows 10 PC or Laptop.

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